Wednesday, November 12, 2008

study in oil, artist undetermined

study in oil
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My father closed his office this year and gave away everything he had collected over the last 60 years during his travels. He gave art and Persian rugs to patients and fellow dentists, but my brother did manage to get the lion's share of valuable items. I didn't like the idea of dad giving away what I saw as a massive investment and urged him to find an auction company that could do an internet auction. I didn't want to go over like a vulture and put my name on things I didn't need because they were valuable. So, by the time I did go over to see what was left, it was nearly bare.

This painting was overlooked simply because it was in a closet in one of the bathrooms. I was immediately struck by the exquisite beauty and true artistry, so I grabbed it and brought it home. Although it is not framed I went ahead and hung it on my bedroom wall after a few weeks of examining it in detail. I can not make out the artist's name and there is no date on it. My father doesn't remember where or when he got it, so it is an intriguing mystery to me.

Whoever the artist was, perhaps I will never know. I do like to simply gaze in appreciation at what he (or she) put onto a blank canvas. I wish I knew the story behind the work, but it is fun to make up stories and imagine scenarios.

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