Wednesday, March 23, 2005

1991 Honda CRX HF

1991 Honda CRX HF
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My car of 13 years has now become my second car, which I do not need. Gets outstanding gas mileage, averaging about 45 mpg. Insurance is high, but with the price of gas the trade-off might not be too bad. Time to sell it as the insurance is due and so is the tag. Has new tires and new brake system. Timing belt was changed before 100,000 miles and the car has around 145,000, now. Does $2700 seem too much to ask since I have recently put $1500 into it? Great little car--like a four-wheeled motorcycle with a body.

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Shawna34 said...

I am interested in the Honda you have posted.
Please e-mail the vin # and a postive that the car is for sale. Please quote me a price.