Monday, March 28, 2005

Just enough knowledge to be dangerous... what a friend told me and I have now proved him right. Couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to turn off what I thought were extensions for a Palm Pilot, as they are not needed. Bottom line is that I have totally crippled/incapacitated my Mac which now has a system error and I can't get it to start up to try to rectify that problem I created. I am now in Mac hell and will have to call a Mac nerd/geek to help my out of the hole I dug for myself. The thought of going home to no internet is horrifying and it is the first time I have cratered my baby.

I am drooling over the G5 with the dual processor, now, and would love to get one (and go into major debt for it). Don't know when I will be back up at home, but maybe I can get the OS X actually operating, too, after having installed it a year and a half ago. Tonight I will be calling Mac specialists to see what can be done for me. Very depressing. Guess I will have to do housework tonight!

Damn computers! I was so proud of myself for keeping it up and running as long as I have on my own...maybe a little too much hubris on my part.

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